Creating Markets

How to add markets to Demex

The first step to adding new markets (spot or derivative) on Switcheo TradeHub, is to check if the desired tokens are already supported on Switcheo TradeHub. Once tokens are supported on the protocol, proposers can then proceed to add various markets.

To check for supported tokens, select the "Create Market" proposal on, and view the list of supported tokens from the "Select Token" dropdown.

Adding Markets Overview

  1. "Create Token" governance proposal (if token not supported) Users must bid to create the pegged tokens on Switcheo TradeHub. To do so, a governance proposal must be submitted.

  2. "Create Market" governance proposal on Switcheo TradeHub (for AMM markets) A governance proposal to create a new market must be submitted.

  3. Create pool on Demex (for AMM markets) Create a liquidity pool on Demex with desired token pairing for AMM markets.

  4. "Link Pool" governance proposal The liquidity pool in Step 3 must be linked to the newly created market in Step 3 to facilitate trading of the token pair.

Do note that markets can also be created without liquidity pools. This means these trading on these markets will depend only on orderbook liquidity. To create such markets, steps 3 & 4 can be skipped.