How to Create Markets

Step 1: Go to and log in with a Ledger or Encrypted Key. Select the Governance tab. Click on "Submit a Proposal" and choose the option to "Create Market".

Fill in the following proposal to create a market.

Proposal to create new market

Step 2: Next, add a Proposal Title and Description.

Your proposal should include why you have decided to add this token, more details about the protocol, and any further information that might be useful in helping users decide on why they should support your proposal.

Step 3: Make a deposit to send your proposal to the voting stage (optional).

A deposit of 10,000 SWTH is required to send a proposal to the voting phase

All governance proposals require a deposit of 10,000 SWTH to proceed into the voting phase. This deposit can be made by proposers themselves, or by anyone in the wider community who supports the proposal and wishes to send it into the voting phase.

Deposits of passed proposals will be refunded. Deposits of failed proposals that have met certain voting criteria will also be refunded, and deposits of failed proposals that do not meet the voting criteria will be burnt.

Once the proposal to create a new market is passed, the market will automatically be listed on for trading on orderbook.

For the market to be supported by AMM liquidity as well, view our guides on how to create pools and link these pools to the market.