Markets & Trading Functionalities

Switcheo TradeHub currently supports spot markets and quarterly futures on Demex, its reference UI, with more markets coming soon:

Upcoming markets

  • Perpetual swaps

  • Options

  • Prediction Markets

  • Other financial markets products

  • AMM for Perpetual swaps

  • AMM for all other products

Trading functionalities

  • Trade on margin

  • Cross-margin (coming soon)

  • Cross-aseset margin (coming soon)

Users can expect cross-margin (rather than only isolated margin) and cross-asset margin trading on Switcheo TradeHub in the near future. Cross-margin trading allows margin to be shared across open positions while cross-asset trading allows for the use of assets other than the settlement currency as collateral in our derivatives markets. Combined with our CLOB + LP/AMM model, these two features will make Switcheo TradeHub the most advanced trading protocol in existence.

Insurance Fund (coming soon)

  • Pool of monies held by Switcheo TradeHub to protect against losses from losing trades and future liquidations

  • Comprise funds from liquidated positions closed above bankruptcy price

  • Avoids auto-deleveraging and socialized losses

  • Incentivized rewards for SWTH holders