On-Chain Governance

The community, fully empowered.

Switcheo TradeHub will be fully driven by on-chain governance, empowering the community to drive growth, enact changes and suggest improvements to the protocol. Powered by the Switcheo Token (SWTH), stakeholders are entitled key decision-making power through their voting rights.

Be it creating new markets, listing new tokens, updating market parameters or adjusting fees & rewards, the community is given full autonomy without the constraints of a central governing authority.

We are currently aggressively engineering all parts of our protocol to fall under the purview of governance (from admin keys). Being built on Cosmos-SDK, this is made much easier compared to Ethereum which mostly utilises multi-signature due to implementation difficulty. Cosmos-SDK allows the core code to be quickly upgraded through gov signalling, rather than contract upgrade / proxy contracts + user opt-in.

TradeHub Improvement Proposals (TIP)

Anyone can propose protocol changes or improvements through TradeHub Improvement Proposals (TIP) which are submitted on Switcheo's governance feature on https://switcheo.org.

Similar to how Cosmos Governance operates, submitted proposals require a token deposit which is refunded if the proposal is passed and burnt when the proposal fails or does not meet the minimum voting criteria.

For more information on how to create and vote for proposals, click here.

Switcheo Development Fund (SDF)

The Switcheo Development Fund (SDF) is an on-chain community fund that aims to encourage community development and ground-up projects that drive growth of Switcheo TradeHub.

It is our belief that true decentralization can only be achieved when developmental aspects are not fully reliant on a central entity. As such, this fund was put in place to accelerate developmental growth. The SDF if funded by a perpetual community tax attained from 10% of block rewards - derived from trading fees, inflation fees and any other protocol fees that are originally directed to SWTH stakers.

List of SDF projects: